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All-College Writing Contest Winner 2005-06

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Fall 2005

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Music has always been an important aspect of my life. Having played the flute for nearly ten years, I find music to be a source of relaxation and personal enjoyment. Until recently, my academic experiences with music had always been limited to casual reading, usually in relation to my own playing. This situation changed when I was assigned a research paper in my Northern Renaissance art class. While searching through books trying to find a potential topic, the abundance of musical imagery from this period in art history piqued my interest. Once I began to research in earnest, however, I learned that these images were more than representations of quaint, antiquated instruments. I discovered an approach to music that differed greatly from my own, an approach that concerned far more than musical sounds and extended as far as the rhythms of heaven itself. I still have much to learn about this remarkably complex world of music theory, but I will always appreciate this project for introducing me to it.

I’d like to thank Professor Roberts for allowing me the freedom to explore such a rich and fascinating subject. I’d also like to thank my advisor, Professor Benton. Finally, I would like to thank all readers of this essay. I hope sincerely that you enjoy it.

Faculty Advisor

Ann Roberts



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