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All-College Writing Contest Winner 2002-03

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Fall 2002

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This paper was written for Professor Zhu's Asian Thought class, a course I took to complete my Philosophy minor. The assignment required me to analyze political thought in the writings of Chuang-Tzu and also provided an opportunity to learn more about Western anarchic philosophy. Anarchist thought has always interested me, but until this paper I had not done any in-depth research on the topic. I also wanted to dispel the myth that anarchy is synonymous with "mere chaos" by discussing its intricate philosophical framework. Approaching this task from two widely differing, yet sometimes surprisingly similar, perspectives made the process even more exciting.

I greatly enjoy philosophy but am actually a math major and plan to begin graduate school next year. I hope to obtain my Ph.D., become a professor, and write for mathematical journals as well as other publications. Mathematics, like philosophy, is full of deep and complex ideas. One must write clearly and concisely when conveying these ideas to colleagues as well as to the general public. Eventually, I would like to follow in the footsteps of excellent and enthusiastic writers like Douglas Hofstadter, Ivars Peterson, and Carl Sagan, who all express beautiful mathematical, scientific, and philosophical ideas in a manner that anyone can understand and enjoy. It is my hope that this paper will present views you may never have considered and make you think about a frequently heard term in an entirely new way. �

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Rui Zhu

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Philosophy Commons



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