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All-College Writing Contest Winner 2010-11

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Fall 2010

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I developed the argument for this paper when I read The Pillow Book as a class assignment. As a senior English major, I immediately saw signs of satire in the text. However, when I shared my insight with my class, no one, including the professor, agreed with my analysis. Feeling like a lone English major surrounded by a hoard of disbelieving philosophers, I was determined to prove my point, so I spent many hours formulating the structure and thesis statement that would accurately encompass my thoughts about The Pillow Book and satire in general. In writing this essay, I struggled immensely with a lot of "fine lines"--the fine line between hyperbole and dramatization, the fine line between straight comedy and satire, but the challenge to define my ideas made me a better writer and critical thinker. Of all the papers I wrote in college, I was and am the most proud of this one, and this thesis is something I still discuss today with whomever is willing to lend an ear.

Faculty Advisor

Rui Zhu



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