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Worth Hawes, a senior from Germantown, Tennessee, is a Phi Beta Kappa scholar majoring in both Philosophy and Twentieth Century Thought. This marks Worth's third appearance in Lake Forest Papers and his second Pauker Prize in Writing. Among other past achievements, Worth was the inaugural recipient of both a McGaw Scholarship and the Bird Award for Intellectual Contributions to the Campus Community. A member of Senior 25, he culminates his career at LFC as the recipient of the Edward H. Oppenheimer Memorial Prize. He is the past Vice-President of the Student General Assembly and the past Chairperson of Red and Black (LFC's Student Academic Society). Worth, a tutor in the LFC Writing Center for the last two years, has also coauthored a weekly column in The Stentor this year. In his free time, Worth enjoys playing and composing music for the guitar. Worth wishes to thank all those folks who have enabled his years at LFC to be ever-so rewarding for him.

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