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I have spent most of the last semester learning the fine art of parallel parking on crowded city streets and discovering the best ways to meander through early morning traffic in order to make it to work by 6:30 A.M. Somehow, in the quiet times, I managed to write this essay which, despite not being the best thing I ever created, is not too shabby. This is really only the first inquiry into several questions which I, at my present level of education, am not able or qualified to answer or even try to answer. I 4m currently attempting to discover my future by peering into that great not-so-crystal-clear ball known as "the graduate school admissions process." I would like to enter an MFA program, but the Fates may lead me to an MA in women's spirituality. Or they may just keep me where I am. Thank-you to everyone who helped me with this last semester: my thesis committee, Professor Arlene Eskilson,Chris Friestedt in the Print Shop, Pele, Honey and Leo, Ellie Shirley, Melissa Hankes, Heather]. ... ad infinitum.



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