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I would like to take a moment, impart a snippet of my boundless freshman insight, and say that a person's most valuable asset is the ability to find interest in a given topic, even if said assignment may be contrary to one's natural impetus. This is how I lit on the topic for my research paper- I took a subject I love and about which I have written short fantasy stories (chivalry and the medieval age), found a way to apply this topic to a loosely-defined assignment, and blended my love of idealized knights with a more tempered historical reality. I wish I could say the paper was my best work, but it is (admittedly) merely the product of a rigorous high school English education. Over the next three years, I hope to provide my professors with even better examples of my yet unpolished talent and look forward to continuing my research in Political Science, English, and French. Outside of class, I serve as the News Editor of our campus newspaper, The Stentor, the Classical Music Director of Lake Forest College's radio station (WMXM), and enjoy singing with the College's a cape/la music ensemble. Thank you to my wonderful English teachers at Hopkins, to the excellent professors at Lake Forest College, and to Ma, Pa, and Sis for all your support.



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