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Writing this piece was a lot of fun. I've always thought that Macbeth was a very interesting man, and I think that studying him under a Jungian lens provides us with an alternative explanation for his behavior. I'm working on a double major, and I've found that using the constructs from one discipline to explain or enhance another subject often yields great ways of making a concept concrete. As a math tutor, I find myself proving this truth weekly. Recently, I have used a submarine from The Hunt for Red October to illustrate the concept of negative numbers and my frequent trips to Burger King and McDonald's to enliven logical conjunctions as such P A Q. As a commuter and transfer student, I want to thank everyone at Lake Forest College who made a difficult transition easier; I was truly unprepared for everyone's gifts of acceptance, generosity, and time. I would like to thank specifically R. West, P. Lee, and K. Heilman for being good friends and grammar/style/content police.



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