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Michelle Leach Sometimes Chinese torture devices seemed preferable to another night of bonding with an American torture device-the Macintosh Powerbook 190 Series. But connecting with this often cold, calculating and altogether heartless machine was definitely worth it when the words came out "right" and the thoughts were 100% Michelle, 100% "on the money." I have always considered writing to be my foremost pacifier, love and talent. It has been there when family, friends, psychologists and school counselors were not. I can honestly say there is nothing better than producing something that makes you proud, something that will exist in print for years to come. As an aspiring journalist, I sometimes have the tendency to become overly idealistic about my work, but ultimately I want my writing to have impact. I want it to open a narrow mind, crush a stereotype, and provoke thought through conveying 71information. This is the highest and greatest good of writing, and I think my essay was successful because I was so attached to it. I could feel it, and I was making my own social statement. I was combining all of my personal bitterness, anger and frustration with the firm belief that women need to find the strength to be themselves, not plastic, computer-generated girls in glossy magazmes. Yes, I do have a life outside of writing and it includes: my friends (my "brothers") who have tolerated my quirkiness, absent-mindedness, and countless other eccentricities; working as a Writing Center tutor; serving as a member of the Stentor staff, Campus Entertainment Committee, and Amnesty International; and running for fun and to avoid stress. Countless thanks go to my family-my grandmother, whose support is immeasurable; my brother and lil' sis Tif, who will someday be free from the dark world of mathematics; my mother; the Lake Forest College professors who provide constant insight and car rides on cold days; my teachers and friends, both past and present; and finally to the Coca-Cola Company, for the means to survive yet another sleepless night.



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