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Although my essay was written for Professor Lombardi's course on the philosophy of law, Affirming the Individual represents a more intimate effort than its detached academic analysis would suggest. Having worked in the Lake Forest College Admissions Office for nearly two years, I was a bit wary at first of writing about the policies of preferential treatment. Remembering the courtesy, fairness, and personal concern with which my own admission was handled, a certain anxiety crept over me as I contemplated a critique of the very system that had been so amenable to me. My apprehensions were allayed, however, as my research expanded and my critical eye turned to a more abstract consideration of the issues surrounding my argument. Rather than an outright condemnation of discernible preferential treatment, my paper is instead a comparative assessment of plausible policies of preference as they relate to admission and hiring practices. Furthermore, I take my interpretation and understanding of the College's admission practices as a model for this comparison. As such, the staff at Patterson Lodge deserves my gratitude for the inside knowledge I have gained in their employ. I also unconditionally praise their collective sympathy for the ageless timecrunch dilemma faced by all students at one time or another. Without this show of compassion, I would not have been able to write. 49



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