Submissions from 2014


Changes in ant community composition caused by 20 years of experimental warming vs. 13 years of natural climate shift, Sean B. Menke, John Harte, and Robert R. Dunn


A Novel Telomere-Anchored PCR Approach for Studying Sexual Stage Telomeres in Aspergillus nidulans, Nengding Wang, Saajidha Rizvydeen, Mithaq Vahedi, Amanda Allred, Dustin W. Perry, Peter M. Mirabito, and Karen Kirk

Submissions from 2013


Identification of Telomerase RNAs from Filamentous Fungi Reveals Conservation with Vertebrates and Yeasts, Paulius V. Kuprys, Shaun M. Davis, Tyler Hauer '13, Max Meltser, Yehuda Tzfati, and Karen Kirk

Submissions from 2011


Relative roles of climatic suitability and anthropogenic influence in determining the pattern of spread in a global invader, Nuria Roura-Pascual, Cang Hui, Takayoshi Ikeda, and Gwenael Leday

Submissions from 2010


Is It Easy to Be Urban? Convergent Success in Urban Habitats among Lineages of a Widespread Native Ant, Sean B. Menke, Warren Booth, Robert R. Dunn, and Coby Schal

Submissions from 2007

Biotic and abiotic controls of argentine ant invasion success at local and landscape scales, S. B. Menke, R. N. Fisher, W. Jetz, and D. A. Holway

Submissions from 2004


Two new soleid flatfishes (Pleuronectiformes : Soleidae : Soleichthys) from Australian waters, with a re-description of Soleichthys microcephalus (Gunther), Thomas A. Munroe and S B. Menke