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The Ethical Brain, Michael S. Gazzaniga, neurosciene


Evolution through natural selection has endowed our species with the innate capacity to process information by the use of our brains. Through natural gene selection, our ability to process this information varies from individual to individual. What if the genome dictating the variation of an individual’s intellect, athletic ability, or even personality, can be enhanced by pharmaceuticals or brain therapy? How can we differentiate between an embryo and human life? When do powerful brain imaging technologies, that can literally “read” you brain, cross the abstract line of an individual’s privacy and right to self? How do we diffuse the gray cloud that surrounds ethics today? Michael S. Gazzaniga, an outspoken member of the President’s Council on Bioethics, may not have all the answers, but he provides much insight in his critically acclaimed book, The Ethical Brain. This thrilling eye-opener helps us debunk many medical ethical dilemmas our society has come to face in recent years with insightful developments in the field of neuroscience...

The Ethical Brain is a lively confrontational and thought-provoking book about the world of neuroethics and its solutions to numerous social problems. Gazzaniga illuminates scientific findings in this enjoyable read in hopes that it will write a new page in the understanding of bioethics. After reading the book, one walks away with not only academic merit but with a greater sense of self. This father of cognitive science will have you basking in his fruit of enjoyable scientific discovery and understanding.


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