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junk food, obesity, Super Size Me, Morgan Spurlock


Morgan [Spurlock]’s unprecedented documentary shines light on the unknown effects of regular diets based solely on the American fast food industry. In his first-hand analysis, Morgan attempts to tackle an unimaginable task: eat only McDonald’s for three meals a day, eat everything that McDonald’s offers on their menu, and super-size his meal whenever offered the option to upgrade. In order to affirm that his high fat "Mac diet" was not going to cause any serious health concerns, he consulted cardiologists and nutritionists to evaluate his health and to predict any health risks or side effects of the diet. The main predictions that the team of doctors decided was that Morgan would increase his blood pressure based on high cholesterol and sodium intakes, gain overall weight, and feel sluggish and miserable....

One of the physicians stated that Morgan needed to stop, because his liver resembled that of an alcoholic. Morgan continued despite pleas from his girlfriend and physicians to stop the, "McDiet." In his final assessments, Morgan weighed 210 lbs–24.5 lbs heavier–and increased his body fat from 11% to 18%. When Morgan returned to a normal diet and exercise it took him 5 months to lose 20 lbs and 9 months to lose 4.5 lbs....


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