Class Year



Richard Morimoto, Susan Liebman, Susan Goldin-Meadow, Jerry Coyne, Lester Binder, Celeste Napier


A series of exciting formal talks were held in the fall of 2006 on topics ranging from neurodegeneration to intelligent design. These presentations, held for the first time on such a regular basis throughout the semester, were launched by Eukaryon, Tri-beta, the Biology Department, and the Center for Chicago Programs. Students were exposed to the latest research of distinguished scientists in fields such as neurodegeneration and psychology. Many students majoring in biology, psychology and chemistry attended these talks. The presentations also attracted students from the social sciences and humanities

The interactive nature of the presentations added to the rich liberal arts education at Lake Forest College and emphasized the importance of out-of-classroom learning experiences. These presentations highlighted the mission statement of the Biology Department to help "students embark on hypothesis-driven journeys of discovery where answers are found not in textbooks, but in the lab and the field". All of the speakers spoke in simple language, and welcomed questions from the audience, which also included professors and on occasion members of the public. A brief summary of the six talks is given below.


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