Volume 4 (2008) Celebrating 100 Years of Academic Achievement

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Year Four
Shruti Pore

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A Wrinkle in Time: Premature Aging in HGPS and RD
Danielle Clark, Nicole Fields, Spenser Hicks, Stephanne Levin, and Emily Pospiech


Gene Mutations: One of the Many Roads to Deafness
Shaun Davis, Laura Hoholik, Kushal Modi, and Lindsey Rockwell


Review: An Examination of 131I Dosages for Treatment of Graves’ Disease
Michael Fiske, Joseph Campagna, and Clare Conlisk

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Eukaryon Cover Art volume 4 2008

Eukaryon Editor's Corner
Volume 4, March 2008

Year Four

Shruti Pore
Department of Biology, Lake Forest College, Lake Forest, Illinois 60045

Dear Readers,

If one word could characterize Eukaryon’s journey so far, it is ‘Momentum.’

Eukaryon has grown since its very first issue four years ago and continues to grow without losing pace. From being a faculty-student joint endeavor at the start up, to becoming a student run journal in the true sense, from having a singular student member four years ago, to twenty staff members this year, we have come a long way.

We were formally recognized as a student organization two years ago. Since then, we have added new positions such as records manager and editor-in-chief elect. Shaun Davis who served as editor-in-chief elect and Jill Olejnik and Alexandra Ayala who served as record managers have set a great precedent for their successors. They have helped define and expand the roles of these two positions. The expanded executive board has allowed us to take on new challenges as well.

This year we continued with our tradition of inviting speakers to campus. Our speakers this year include Dr. Kathy Green, Dr. Okkema and our very own Dr. Karen Kirk. Last year, our inauguration ceremony speaker, Dr. Anne Houde, captivated the audience with her research. This year, yet another one of our mentors, Dr. Kirk, will talk about her work with Telomeres. We are grateful that Dr. Kirk has agreed to share some of the amazing work she has been doing for so many years.

This year has not only been a year of following traditions established in previous years, but also a year of building on them and creating some new ones. We are happy to announce that we have successfully increased the number of print copies from around 35 last year to 100 copies this year. We are also grateful to President Schutt and to student government for enabling us to make these copies available to students free of charge. They have been extremely understanding and supportive of our goal to establish ourselves as a print journal. In addition to this, Eukaryon is also working on creating a permanent residence in the archives of Lake Forest College. Additionally we are working toward adding a video archive of all seminars sponsored by Eukaryon to our website.

This continued growth and expansion could not have been possible without all our dedicated members. They have been instrumental in establishing the quality and success of the journal. A big thank you to the members of the Review Board for reviewing the vast number of submissions we had this year. They worked over winter break to make sure that the other boards would have enough time to edit and format the articles. Thank you to Lavinia Sinitean, the Chair, who did a great job notifying authors and working with them. Thank you to the members Copy Editing Board who were always extremely efficient at their work and to Liz Dean for always being on top of things. Thank you to the Publication Board and their Chair, Lokesh Kukreja, for all their effort. Formatting so many articles is not an easy task! Thank you to Dr. Pliny Smith who was our new advisor this year. The journal would not have been possible without his guidance and support.

A very special thank you to Jemere Bohnert for designing this year’s cover page. The cover page is dedicated to the sesquicentennial anniversary of the college. Since the college celebrated its 150th anniversary, we thought it would only be fitting if the journal cover page reflected this sentiment. Accordingly, the cover page is an amalgamation of the old and the new, paying tribute to 150 years of science at Lake Forest College.

This continued excellence in the scientific field is what we have aimed at showcasing. The journal as a whole pays tribute to the high quality of work carried out in and outside classrooms in the natural sciences. Articles such as the primary article written by Katrina Brandis in 2005 and part of Michael Zorniak’s thesis published in this year’s issue, have both appeared in the journal of young investigators. This is a testament to the high scientific journalistic value of the work in Eukaryon. After four years of such quality work, continued growth and success it would not be out of line to predict that Eukaryon is here to stay!

I am proud to be associated with Eukaryon and of everything it has accomplished in such a short a time. As a graduating senior, I know that I will look back fondly at the time I spent as part of this organization. It was a lot of hard work, but it was definitely worth it.

Shruti Pore
Editor-in-Chief ’07-’08

Eukaryon is published by students at Lake Forest College, who are solely responsible for its content. The views expressed in Eukaryon do not necessarily reflect those of the College. Articles published within Eukaryon should not be cited in bibliographies. Material contained herein should be treated as personal communication and should be cited as such only with the consent of the author.