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On February 27, 2007, Beta Beta Beta hosted the 2007 annual Biology Alumni Career Panel. Perhaps the most easily understood and relaxed seminar in the Biology seminar series, the Career Panel was an enjoyable, encouraging and educational program. The diverse personalities, careers, and future plans of the six alumna, all female, made the evening very dynamic and interesting. The panel included Silvia Skripskauskaite (’04), Nijee Sharma (’04), Jessica Price (’05), D’Anne Duncan (’04), Julia Shklovskaya (’04), and Jessica Abruzzo (’05). Throughout the program, panel members took turns responding to questions from the moderator, Beta Beta Beta 2006-2007 president, Michael White (’07). Panel members answered questions regarding their current jobs, the career goals they had while at Lake Forest College, the preparation they received at LFC and their goals for the future.


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