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Innocence Project Initiative, blood typing, blood spatter, DNA, fingerprinting


The idea of developing such an interdisciplinary course came to both professors independently. Professor Stone, who is also a defense lawyer, was interested in teaching a course about the implications of the field of forensics on the justice system. His aim was to explore how forensic evidence is used in the courtroom in a very non-technical manner. However, he did not have much of a biological background to supplement his legal expertise. This is where Professor Sleiter came in. As a biology professor, she had previously taught The Biology of Crime as a strictly scientific non-majors course but was eager to expand it to include some legal aspects. When she happened to come across a flyer announcing a Forensics in the Law summer school course to be taught by Professor Stone, Professor Sleiter immediately contacted him. Professor Stone was equally enthused, and the two professors planned to offer the course the following semester.


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