Eugene Hotchkiss III was appointed president of Lake Forest College in 1970 and served in that role for 23 years, retiring as President Emeritus in 1993. During a presidency marked by multiple accomplishments, Gene and his wife Sue were particularly known for their passionate support for faculty scholarship. Gene and Sue believed that the heart of a liberal arts college lies in a faculty dedicated to teaching and committed to scholarship. They felt that, in order to teach freshly, faculty members needed to have opportunities to refresh their scholarship and that the best indicator of scholarly engagement was peer-reviewed scholarship. After Sue passed away in 2013, Gene expressed the wish to provide further support for the scholarly and professional work of the College’s faculty. Thanks to Gene’s generosity, we are delighted to host the third annual Sue and Gene Hotchkiss Celebration of Faculty Scholarship and to gather together to honor the published and creative work of our distinguished faculty. 




Go n-éirí an bother leat: A Pathway Through Irish Choral Music, Anne Barry


Expansive and Complex Pathways to World Society: The Global Connections of Kenyan Environmental Organizations and Their Support for Climate Change Scripts, Christopher Todd Beer


Rationale of early adopters of fossil fuel divestment, Christopher Todd Beer


Approaches of High School Instrumental Music Educators in Response to Student Challenges, Scott Edgar


Music Teacher Education at a Liberal Arts College, Scott Edgar


Inventions of a Barbarous Age: Poetry from Conceptualism to Rhyme., Robert Archambeau

Rhetoric, Humor, and the Public Sphere: From Socrates to Stephen Colbert, Elizabeth Benacka

Paint & Polish : Cultural Economy & Visual Culture From the West Side, Helen M. Cooper

Personal Finance, 12th ed., Les Dlabay, Jack Kapoor, and Robert J. Hughes

Nietzsche and Classical Greek Philosophy: Beautiful and Diseased, Daw-Nay N. R. Evans

Two Short Plays: “The Wonder Hat” and “Back of the Yards.”, Keneth Sawyer Goodman, Benjamin Goluboff, and Ioana Cornea


Climate Change and Civil Society in Africa: A Survey of Pan African Climate Justice Alliance Members, Mithika Mwenda and Christopher Todd Beer

The International History of Communication Study, David Park and Peter Simonson