First-Year Writing Contest


Kaloian Petkov


First-Year Writing Contest 2003

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Date of Award

Spring 2003

Author Comments

During my senior year of high school, I took an honors course in literature that was probably the single most excruciating experience in my education up to that time. My passion is for science – mathematics, physics, computer science, etc. Rarely do I discuss Ibsen or analyze Stevie Smith’s poems outside of an English class, yet the lessons I’ve learned in writing have become of paramount importance. When I write about science, mathematics in this particular case, I strive to balance my language. It has to be precise (to satisfy scientific requirements), but not to the point of boring my audience. Writing this paper required a great deal of effort and persistence, but it was all worthwhile. As a CS/Math major, I’m particularly pleased to win a writing competition!

Faculty Advisor

Edward Packel

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Mathematics Commons



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