First-Year Writing Contest


Erin Lynch


First-Year Writing Contest 2001

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Date of Award

Spring 2001

Author Comments

I grew up in Scottsdale, Arizona, and attended Phoenix Country Day, a college preparatory school where great emphasis was placed on the clear and succinct expression of thought. It was through my writing and research in high school that I discovered my passion for literary analysis. When I heard about Professor Balazs's course, "Literature and Psychoanalysis 327," I was thrilled with the concept of combining two of my greatest interests. Psychoanalysis is rich with analytic themes, and its application to various pieces of literature intrigued me. Sylvia Plath's "Daddy's Girls," a poem replete with Freudian undertones, provided me with the impetus to delve deeply into the connections between Freud's conception of the uncanny and Plath's exploration of a young girl's relationship with her father. I would like to thank both Professor Balazs for inspiring me through his phenomenal course and also the panel of judges who appreciated me work. Accolades such as this continue to move me, and I look forward to expanding my writing skills. I am extremely honored to receive this award.

Faculty Advisor

Tom Balazs



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