First-Year Writing Contest


Trina Bannick


First-Year Writing Contest 2000

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Spring 2000

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I am 17 years old and entered Lake Forest College a year early. I was homeschooled from kindergarten through high school, and aside from reading and writing, my greatest interest is music. I play the violin and piano and am concertmaster of the Lake Forest College Chamber Orchestra.

Author Comments

Since the "classics" have been my passion since I began reading Austen and Dickens when I was about nine years old, I was able to quickly decide on a topic for my first essay in Professor Perret's Nonfiction Writing class last semester. Having read much of the literary criticism of the great novels that have so long been a source of pleasure to me, I was eager to delve into my own critical analysis of my two favorite books. In writing this essay, I not only enjoyed myself immensely but also learned a great deal about the depth and power of both novels. As with any major research project (and the writing of this paper involved intensive research as much as actual composition), I believe that I myself learned more about my topic than the readers of my essay will. I am now convinced that the true scope of any great piece of writing cannot be fully understood until it has been read, re-read, and seriously contemplated time and again. I am grateful to Professor Perret for giving me the chance to discover for myself WHY these novels and their authors have been loved and revered for over a century. As for writing in general, I hope to continue to sharpen my writing skills during my remaining years at LFC. When I was considering which college to attend last year, one of the most appealing aspects of Lake Forest was the intense emphasis that its professors place on developing their students' composition skills. As a business and communications major, I realize the necessity of good writing and communicating abilities in the business world and, indeed, in all aspects of life. Thank you again for this great honor.

Faculty Advisor

Jacqueline Perret



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