First-Year Writing Contest


Jenna Hammerich


First-Year Writing Contest 1999

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Date of Award

Spring 1999

Author Comments

Words from Jenna:

As a fan of Stephen King and Anne Rice, I often find myself defending my choice of reading. This happened so frequently that I began to wonder why some of us indulge ourselves by dabbling in the macabre while others deny having any fascination with it whatsoever. Janet McCracken’s philosophy class in aesthetics provided me the opportunity to explore and attempt to understand this intriguing mystery. Through the extensive reading required for the course, I realized that philosophers throughout history have struggled with the same issue. Freud’s concept of the pleasure principle coupled with Nieztsche’s notion of human nature as the product of a dialectic provides an adequate foundation for learning what makes horror stories, grotesque paintings, and even our own cuts and bruises so appealing. As an English major and psychology minor, I am regularly inspired to discover the truths that underlie human behavior. However, it is possible to tire of poring over philosophy texts and masterpieces of medieval literature. Aside from reading and writing, I love to travel and experience everything that I can!

Faculty Advisor

Janet McCracken



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