First-Year Writing Contest


First-Year Writing Contest 2014

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Fall 2013

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In high school, my love of Fyodor Dostoevsky grew alongside my love of postmodernism, and I truly believe that the two kept my literary competence in check. I was drawn to take Professor Arnell’s FIYS class “Dickens and the Russian Novel” because I would finally get the chance to academically explore my interest in the Russian Golden Age, as well as learn about Charles Dickens—an author I had never read before. The research essay for the class was to write about the various ways in which Dickens influenced Dostoevsky and where this influence is evident in their respective texts. Having read Dostoevsky’s Notes from Underground before taking the class, I immediately noticed similarities in the use of setting once we began Dickens’ Great Expectations. I decided to incorporate this idea into my paper because I believe it provides a strong example of Dickensian influence in the works of Dostoevsky, and I did not find much else written on the topic in my research.

Faculty Advisor

Carla Arnell



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