First-Year Writing Contest


First-Year Writing Contest 2011

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Spring 2011

Author Comments

This paper was one of the first major essays I wrote in college. I had already chosen a comparatively straightforward and ordinary thesis and had drafted an outline for that thesis when the idea for this paper came to me. Although I knew the new topic would be more complicated, would involve more research, and would be more difficult to write about, I decided to try it anyway, and I believe that decision benefitted me both as a writer and a student. Although the complexity of the topic was intimidating at first, since there was a lot of information I wanted to cover in my essay, I really enjoyed weaving together information from books, scholarly essays, novels, book reviews, interviews, and radio broadcasts. Furthermore, this essay helped me to get into the habit of integrating an author’s other works into an essay about one specific novel by that author, and this habit has proven to be useful in many of my subsequent English classes.

Faculty Advisor

Joshua Corey



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