First-Year Writing Contest


First-Year Writing Contest 2012 (Honorable Mention)

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Spring 2012

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My love of the comedy in As You Like It led me to choose the play as the topic for my FIYS research paper, but little did I know how much social commentary hid behind Shakespeare’s humorous characters. When I initially saw the play my senior year of high school, I found it to be lighthearted and a tad silly. I never considered how much controversy would be involved in a woman taking on a man’s role. My research for this paper forced me to delve into a different time period in order to understand the mindset of Shakespeare’s original audience. I learned to look beyond the surface story to find the author’s true purpose - the subtle manipulation of his audience’s perspective. While reading As You Like It, I discovered that I should always ask, “Why?” Why did the author choose to have the character look a certain way? Why did the author choose to mention that seemingly insignificant action? I learned that a good author rarely writes words without motivation. Through my investigation of As You Like It, I gained a better understanding of what it meant to analyze a text and became prepared for my much more extensive Richter research project on domesticity in the Renaissance.

Faculty Advisor

Ann Roberts



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