Lake Forest Papers

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Spring 2019


Written for MUSC 268: Music and the Mind


First-Year Writing Contest

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I have always been interested in debates about censorship. Of course, there is validity to certain types of censorship, but our society has a tendency to look past its shortcomings and use the media as a scapegoat. We spent a week on censorship in class, focusing specifically on the subcommittee hearing and the case of Richard Kuntz, and I found it particularly intriguing and appalling that anyone could claim that a genre of music could result in suicide. Advocacy for the awareness of mental health issues has always been prominent in my life, and the stigma against vulnerability was clear in all of the cases I came across during my research. As a country, we have made great strides in normalizing mental health and to taking care of our younger generations, but we still have long way to go.

Faculty Advisor

Don Meyer

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Music Commons



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