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Fall 2017


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Antibiotic use in the rearing of livestock is a practice that is decades old, starting after World War Two. It vastly improved the lifespan and health of the animals, which in turn greatly benefitted farmers who raised and sold them. It also allowed farmers opportunities to raise more animals than before with greater efficiency. However, in the 1990s, this practice started to be exploited as natural additives and yearly antibiotics were replaced with growth hormones and antibiotic use at the subtherapeutic level to promote unprecedented – and unnatural – growth (Jackson 2016). This use of antibiotics also comes with a much more serious consequence – the rise of antibiotic resistance in bacteria, which can leave animals, and eventually humans, susceptible to infections and diseases that could otherwise have been prevented with proper antibiotic usage (Sancheza et al. 2016).


All-College Writing Contest, honorable mention

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I wrote this paper as my final research paper for my class 'Apocalypse and Fear in the Post-WWII American Environment.' As someone who likes to combine her ecology interests with broader social issues, I was excited for the chance to write about a topic that extended from the environment into public health. Particularly, I was interested in looking at the ways that industrial farming has come to not just be destructive for the environment, but also to impact the local community economically, physically, and emotionally. I took the opportunity to look at scientific primary literature as well as news reports and interviews. The fact that industrial farming is a problem prevalent in Illinois also helped me realize how close to home this really is. The research for the paper was very much a chance to learn about and present a serious issue, which motivated me throughout the writing process.

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Brian McCammack



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