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Fall 2018


All-College Writing Contest, Honorable Mention

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Never having taken an art history course before, I wasn’t sure what to expect from Professor Woodward’s ARTH 383: Hell, Damnation, and Romanesque Art. However as a religion major with some prior experience studying medieval Christianity, I was excited to look at this topic through an alternate lens. Since my senior thesis in religion is an analysis of Islam and Paradise Lost, I was interested in one of the earliest assigned readings, which discussed heresy and Islam in medieval Spain. Based on the brief mention of Mozarabic art in this article, I—unwitting of the challenge that lay ahead—proposed to Professor Woodward that I would write my final paper on Mozarabic art. In my early research, I found that the Beatus manuscripts were cited repeatedly in secondary sources on Mozarabic art. This contradicted my understanding that Mozarabic art originated in southern Spain, as the earliest Beatus manuscripts were created in northern Spain. Fitting the nature of the course, my soul was sold to the Beatus manuscripts and my search to reconcile their visual qualities with their place of origin began.

Faculty Advisor

Beth Woodward



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