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Bachelor of Arts (BA)

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Douglas B. Light

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Jean-Marie N. Maddux

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Nicholas L. Wallin

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Kuei Y. Tseng, Rosalind Franklin University of Medicine and Science


Adolescence is a time when the brain continues to mature. Specifically the prefrontal cortex (PFC) goes through a process of disinhibition to inhibition as we age. Inputs to this region have a frequency dependent maturation pattern in male rats, but this has not been studied in females. We focused on frequency dependent responses in the medial PFC that are evoked by stimulation to the ventral hippocampus. This was conducted by measuring Local Field Potential responses in the medial PFC via in vivo electrophysiology. We found that stimulating with a 10 Hz train response showed no difference across age groups. In contrast, a 20 Hz train of stimulation revealed an age-dependent shift through increasing suppression of the signal. Finally, a 40 Hz train stimulation evoked suppression in all three age groups, but in different magnitudes. With these established patterns we can compare a normal PFC maturation with factors such as chronic drug use and stress.