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Bachelor of Arts (BA)

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Self-Designed Major

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Todd Beer

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Lou Lombardi

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Jennifer Fast


This work examines a school to confinement pathway as a collection of policies and practices that represent structural violence. These structural issues are placed into a framework of community wellness, which recognizes the interconnection of sites of wellness between personal, organizational, and community as well as how the lack of wellness at any of these affects the individual’s agency to change circumstances at these various sites. Restorative justice, the popular solution to school to confinement pathways is explored and expanded to show its placement within a larger healing justice framework that recognizes the need to heal from a lack of wellness to build agency and uses the vision of transformative justice to re-imagine the structures that ultimately cause a lack of wellness. A case study from a nonprofit in Chicago doing Kingian Nonviolence Training is presented, and the healing justice framework applied in analysis.



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