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Distinguished Thesis


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Bachelor of Arts (BA)

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Independent Scholar

First Advisor

Glenn Adelson

Second Advisor

Alexander Dale Mawyer

Third Advisor

Cynthia T. Hahn

Fourth Advisor

Chad McCracken


Different conceptions of natural resources and natural resource management, specifically those concerning rare earth metal mining in the seabed of French Polynesia, causes tension between the different narratives of cultural regimes circulating from within and outside of French Polynesia. The purpose of this thesis is to examine and understand the intersection of these perceptions of natural resources and natural resource management, seabed mining, and rare earth metals, REM in particular. This thesis is a two-part, Fairclough-styled critical discourse analysis of thematic metaphors within and between documents in various genres. Some metaphors appeared characteristic of certain genres, while others spanned multiple. These patterns are evidence of perspectives influencing seabed mining in French Polynesia. This thesis brings laws, press releases, and official reports into conversation with each other and provides a concrete and qualitative way to grapple with a valuable resource deeply entangled in the constructions of various cultural regimes.