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Distinguished Thesis


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Bachelor of Arts (BA)

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First Advisor

Stuart Wagenius, Chicago Botanic Garden

Second Advisor

Lynn Westley

Third Advisor

Sean B. Menke

Fourth Advisor

Ben Goluboff


Echinacea angustifolia is a perennial purple coneflower native to Minnesota. Recently, a non-native species, Echinacea pallida, was introduced to prairie restoration sites near native populations. We performed a hybridization experiment to investigate potential effects of introduced E. pallida on native E. angustifolia populations in Kensington, Minnesota. I examined height, width, cotyledon size, emergence time and mortality of the progeny of four cross types. Results show that hybridization of Echinacea species can produce seedlings with variable morphologies and survival rates. The low mortality of seedlings with paternal E. pallida and the faster growth rates of all hybrids suggests that introgression in the direction of non-native to native populations in remnant prairies is likely. E. pallida may act as a strong competitor against native E. angustifolia, ultimately resulting in a change in the composition and size E. angustifolia populations.