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Degree Name

Bachelor of Arts (BA)

Department or Program

International Relations

First Advisor

James Marquardt

Second Advisor

Debra Levis

Third Advisor

Chad McCracken


This thesis explores aspects of citizenship and their relationship to children’s rights. The goal is to derive the greater importance of including children as citizens to promote children’s rights in the context of human rights. Additionally, there has been the emergence of a new phenomenon that could potentially further protect children’s rights: “global citizenship.” The first four chapters establish an outline of Citizenship, Children’s Citizenship, Children’s Rights are Human Rights, and Global Citizenship by discussing various publications that focus on these issues. Through following previous publications, the final chapter focuses on the abstract policies that would include children as citizens of their own nations as well as global citizens; establishing the theory that children should be considered dual citizens. Global citizenship is the following step in the evolution of citizenship, children’s rights, and children’s citizenship to further secure the implementation of human rights to children internationally.