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Distinguished Thesis


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Bachelor of Arts (BA)

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First Advisor

Carolyn Tuttle

Second Advisor

S. Aneeqa Aqeel

Third Advisor

Evan Oxman


The causes of the 2008 Financial Crisis have been analyzed by scholars and many have come to different conclusions as to which cause is at the core of the crisis. The purpose of this senior thesis is to analyze the causes of the crisis and empirically explain deregulation as the main cause of the crisis. This study will use data on bank failures from 1965-2013 gathered from the Federal Deposit Insurance Corporation to analyze how different regulatory and deregulatory banking laws affected the number of bank deletions that occurred over time using regression analysis. Other variables will be used to represent the other causes that are mentioned by scholars. My hypothesis is that the deregulation laws will have a significant and positive affect on the number of bank deletions over time. Laws should therefore be aimed at regulating banks to ensure the stability of the financial system.