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Bachelor of Arts (BA)

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Susan Long

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Debra Levis

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Robert Flot


Romantic scripts are pervasive and reinforce stereotypical gendered behavior that may objectify and sexualize women. The internalization of romantic scripts can lead to selfobjectification with negative cognitive, psychological, and behavior consequences. The sample was restricted to a convenience sample of 64, heterosexual, college age (18-23) women, who were active students at Lake Forest College. The four different experimental groups were randomly assigned to Cognitive load (High, Low) x Script type (Romantic, neutral). The participants also took a measure of self-objectification survey, conformity to feminine norms inventory, and a as well as a demographic questionnaire, and offered M&Ms. No significant correlations or effects were found between the main dependent variables. Lack of power is suspected to play a role in the results. This research is unique because it is the first to study the romantic script in such a way, and can lead future research efforts to comprehensively understand a woman’s experience in college.

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